Today's Lunch Specials
Posted Daily at 11:00 AM
Soup of the Day
French onion with melted Swiss and croutons
3.95/cup 5.95/bowl
Dos Tacos
carne asada topped with onions, tomatoes and cilantro
Slider of the Day
Chip Butty: English chips with HP sauce and butter on a soft bun
2.95 each
Special Sandwich
beer battered snapper, on sourdough, topped with tarter sauce an coleslaw, served with shoestring fries
Bacon Wrapped Frankfurter
topped with sauerkraut and red onions, served with baked beans and coleslaw
Barclay's Burger
stuffed with Canadian bacon and cheddar, served with garlic parmesan shoestring fries
Carne Asada Fries
chipotle seasoned shoestring fries topped with carne asada, cotija cheese, chimichurri sauce, cilantro sour cream, chipotle ketchup and pico de gallo
Desserts $4.00

Brownie, served warm with vanilla ice cream
Apple Crisp, served warm with vanilla ice cream